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Showroom of designers wedding dresses


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After exploring the charming streets of Paris, meeting with a host of skilled designers, and scrutinizing numerous showrooms, we've cherry-picked the most exquisite wedding gowns for our capsule collection in Geneva.

Step into our enchanting boutique situated on Avenue Louis-Casaï, nestled between Geneva's vibrant city center and the Lausanne highway, to discover and try on our impeccable couture selection. Our custom-made Parisian creations, fashioned from sumptuous silk and the finest Calais lace, are meticulously crafted in our designers' workshops, guaranteeing unparalleled French craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Guided by our talented creators, we help you discover the perfect wedding dress to make your special day unforgettable. Enhance your ensemble with sophisticated accessories that elevate the perfect model that has captured your heart.

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Dress fitting by appointment only. You have three possibilities to book a session:

  1. By E-mail

  2. By telephone or WhatsApp

  3. Use the "book a fitting" tool

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