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It was bound to happen, this dream of a little girl, a path only dedicated to this trade… Since 5 years old, Alison Touzé has been sewing, drawing and creating alongside her grandmother, Yvette, who taught her a lot about the trade. Costumes, dresses, seams… it was a passion born from childhood.



Today, Alison, who has been creating bespoke and made-to-measure dresses in her own workshop for 5 years, launches her first collection, with her grandmother still by her side. “We started together. She is my foundation. We learn a lot from each other. We complement each other. We are one.” This strong bond between the two shows through the craftsmanship, the choice and work of fabrics and materials, the quality and precision of her gowns. Through her creations, she reveals a tender-hearted and romantic universe.

“We all need love to live. Marriage means a lot to me; I believe in it. It’s important to live in the moment.”

Every woman is unique. This first collection is designed to enhance and reveal their beauty. All the dresses belong to a bucolic, bohemian, nature inspired and geometrical universe. Alison’s passion for history and the different periods of the last centuries also shows through her creations. The lines are refined, technical, flowing and delicate.

It’s important to Alison to use only Calais lace, Calais guipure lace, Calais embroidery and Calais tulle and other French materials.


This is what gives each creation meaning and authenticity. Each and every gown, whether it is bespoke or made-to-measure from the collection, is made in France in her workshop.

Prices between 2'800 and 3'330 Chf

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