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Dorothée Flores is a talented designer who graduated from Studio Berçot and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She honed her skills in New York at Diane Von Furstenberg and in an Italian embroidery workshop, creating beautiful pieces for top-tier fashion houses.

With a passion for exquisite beauty and an eye for detail, Flores launched her first line of head jewelry in 2012.

Inspired by the latest trends, Dorothée Flores' head jewelry is custom-made and produced in limited series in France.


Imagine escaping to the poetic Parisian zinc rooftops, with suitcases filled with precious materials such as pearls, silks, and fabulous metals that are gracefully intertwined to tell new stories.


Her refined assemblages exude a wandering, subtle, insolent, and feminine poetry that speaks to the soul.

Dorothée Flores
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